Lead logo design and art direction for Python Adventures, a new video podcast streaming on Microsoft’s Station 9.

Sirca started with an idea. A new navigation app that allowed users the ability to easily search for and plan stops along their route, without disrupting the directions to their final destination. Our task was to create an elegant yet simple navigation brand from start to finish; while also fully defining and designing their app, website, and technology. The messaging was simple: to give people the flexibility to make a stop, for whatever they need, along the way.




Visual Design, Art Direction



Microsoft’s Station 9 was creating a new video podcast called Python Adventures. They were in need of a logo that would be used in an accompanying title video, that we would create, and in social media and marketing platforms.

I worked closely with the project manager, the client and the motion designer to plan the visual direction and concept for the icon and title sequence that would live together.

We drew inspiration from the original Python programming logo as well as 8-bit styled video games and tv show titles. The logo explorations were focused on a python animal shape and type treatments using the name of the podcast in an 8-bit style. I also experiemented with flag shapes commonly used as check points in video games.



After rounds of icon explorations the client chose the direction of a simple type treatment using the name along with a single P logomark that would be used for smaller areas such as social media profiles. This icon uses an isometric grid giving another element to the 8-bit style. We worked to refine color options that would match their brand and align to accessibility best practices.

Color Explorations


Grid Alignment


I navigated final discussions with the PM on color order and made two options for white and black backgrounds that would give increased visibility despite where the logo was used. I then worked with the motion designer to hand off final assets.


As a team we worked on various title sequence concepts that would be playful and fun. The titles would align to the grid of the logo and show some personality of the podcast. We pulled inspiration from movie and tv show titles done in an 8-bit style. The final titles shown below focus on a python character roaming different scenes of everyday people working on their computers and ends with a reveal of the logo.


Agency: Microsoft

Producer: Robert Carson 

Creative Direction & Logo Design: April DiMartile

Motion Deisgn & Illustration: Ryan Fernan

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